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Nature/Wildlife, Landscape photography based in Detroit, MI
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Custom Photo Album FAQ

Custom Album Information

Below you'll find additional information related to the purchase of our "Custom Film Photo Album/Book" service.

What You Get

A 20 page photo album that's one of a kind. The album will be comprised of 20 photos taken on film, scanned and printed as a nice 7"x7" square, paperback book. These albums are one of a kind and put together just for you, they are not re-sold or shared except for portfolio and example uses.

How Does It Work?

We work together to pick a theme for a roll of film, we upload all of the scanned photos from the roll of film, you pick 20 photos for the final photo album, and the photographer (me) signs the album. Upon purchase you will receive an e-mail with further information for picking a theme, shipping details and final invoicing of your purchase.

Turnaround Time

These albums take a MINIMUM of 4 weeks to fulfill (per album). This is not a product that can be rushed or quickly fulfilled.

What We Need

We need a bit of information from you in order to make the photo album a reality. Below is a list of information we will be requesting when you order an album.

  • - A shipping address (shipping cost is included in the price)
  • - A theme for the album
  • - Any topics to avoid in our photos. We have taken photos with simulated drug use, artistic nudity, food and more. If there are any topics you'd like us to avoid. We need to know.
  • - The title of the album
  • - Name/salutation for the dedication page
  • - Any preferred text for the dedication page (this is optional)
  • - Film choice (pick ONE)
    •     - B&W
    •     - Color
    •     - Cinestill 800T
    •     - Ilford HP5+ 400
    •     - Lomography Color 400
    •     - Ilford Delta Pro 400
    •     - Ilford XP2 Super 400

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